ALWAYS the first weekend in November- Brookings, Oregon!



There's so much to learn at this year's Wild Rivers Mushroom Festival. Don't be left out! SEATING is LIMITED! 

Saturday, Nov 2nd: Speakers & Presentations

Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast


2:00-4:00 (keynote presentation, Q&A, book signing)

Cost $15 

Noah Siegel has spent two decades seeking, photographing, identifying, and furthering his knowledge about all aspects of fungi. He has hunted mushrooms throughout the United States and Canada, as well as New Zealand and Australia. His photos have been on the covers and in articles of many journals, books, and websites. Find out more about Noah here!  

Noah is an active member of the Humboldt Bay Mycological Society and the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz. He travels and lectures across America, following the mushrooms.

Mushrooms of the Oregon Dunes


12:30-1:15 (slide show presentation with Q&A) 

Cost $7.50

Anna Moore is an amateur mycologist and avid forager of mushrooms, berries, plants and agates. She has a science background, is retired from UC Berkeley, and moved to Oregon in 2005. 

Her interest in mushrooms began in the 1980's in the Sierras. Living in Florence, Oregon, Anna discovered the beauty and bounty of the Oregon Dunes and loves to share it using her photography.

Integrating Permaculture & Fungi


11:15-12:00 (indoor talk w/Q&A)

Cost $7.50

Micha Gross is a permaculture farmer who has integrated fungi into Myrtle Glen Farm, a 27-acre homestead located in the southern Oregon Coast Range. She has led workshops regarding  identification,  cultivation, foraging, culinary instruction, and biology of fungi in the wild and on the farm. 

Currently, she is inoculating the farm with mycorrhizal fungi to increase crop yields, by improving mineral uptake, water-holding potential, disease resistance, and soil fertility.

Can I Eat That? The Top 10 Local Edibles


10:15-11:00 (indoor PowerPoint w/Q&A)

Cost $7.50

Kathleen Dickson is the founder of the Wild Rivers Mushroom Club in Brookings, and has been a lover of wild mushrooms ever since moving to the Oregon coast from Colorado in 2002.

She got her introduction to the world of edible wild mushrooms through the friendships she forged with local mushroom harvesters, first learning how to identify and pick edible coastal mushrooms, then immersing herself in the commercial industry.  She and her husband own and operate OtterBee's Market, an online local foods grocery market.

Sunday, Nov 3rd: Workshops & Demonstrations

The Art of Cultivating Mushrooms on Logs


10:30-12:30 (indoor discussion and optional outdoor workshop)

Cost: $10-$30

Taught by Levon Durr, fungus enthusiast and owner of Fungaia Farm.

Participants will learn how to select the right wood for each mushroom species; inoculation techniques; and how to achieve successful mushroom fruiting. This easy method of mushroom cultivation is a great way to grow nutritious, protein-rich food for you and your family. 

Whether you are interested in backyard cultivation or market production, this introductory class will get you on your way. Participants in the optional outdoor hands-on section will each take home a shiitake log!

Fungaia Farm also has a booth at the festival, where attendees can purchase grow kits, mushroom spore, and more!

Cooking With Wild Mushrooms


11:45-12:45 (indoor cooking demonstration with tasting) 

Cost $10

Raymond Ross, owner of local eatery Vista Pub, has lived in the Brookings area most of his life, and remembers as a kid hunting for chanterelles in the forests around his home. 

Harvesting wild edible mushrooms led to a passion for cooking with wild mushrooms, which led to Ray choosing to open his own restaurant & pub, in order to help feed his passion!

Ray will be showcasing a variety of wild mushroom dishes, and will share a number of tips and tricks of the trade during his presentation. Of course, tasting will be a part of this workshop, so come hungry!

Dying Fabrics using Wild mushrooms


1:15-3:45 (indoor discussion and optional outdoor workshop)

Cost: $10-$25

Rachel Abramson has been a mushroom fan for a few years now, and started using them to dye fabrics a year ago. She is excited to offer this workshop in Brookings!

The workshop will start with an indoor presentation about how mushrooms are used to dye various materials.

Then the group will move outdoors to do some hands-on dying using whatever mushrooms are on hand.  

Different types of scarves will be available to purchase, or attendees can bring their own materials. Note: attendees can also just watch - there's no requirement to dye anything.

Participants will have the opportunity to design and dye a small silk scarf. There will be multiple dye pots to chose from that will produce different colored results.  It will also be a chance to observe and take note of the process. 

Participants are also encouraged to bring yarn of their own that they might want to experiment with in any of the leftover dye. (Rachel recommends you only bring animal protein fiber yarn, and wash and dry it beforehand. )



There's so much to learn at this year's Wild Rivers Mushroom Festival. Don't be left out! SEATING is LIMITED!