What You'll Find At The Two-Day Festival

Over 200 Wild Mushroom Varieties on Display + Mushroom Vendors + Food & Brew

Center stage is always our Wild Mushrooms Display, showcasing over 200 local varieties - all collected from within about 50 miles of Brookings - with folks on hand to talk about and identify the different specimens. 

Found a mushroom you can't ID? Bring it to the festival, and we'll do our best to tell you what it is! Want to learn how to garden with mycelium? Or how to grow your own (mushrooms, that is)? Or when to hunt our state mushroom, the Pacific Golden Chanterelle? Want to learn about the latest mycological discoveries? Learn all that and more...at the Wild Rivers Mushroom Festival!

Over the course of the two-day festival, you can: learn about mushrooms; talk about mushrooms; taste mushrooms; shop for mushrooms; wear mushrooms; even DRINK mushrooms! Both days are packed with all sorts of ways to get your fill of mushrooms.

And there is no charge to get into the festival! 

We merely ask that you support our effort by donating a dollar or two at the door. Once in through the main floor of the festival, you can view the Mushroom Display, see what the vendors have to offer, and check out the food & brew. 

And if you want to participate in one of our workshops, hear a lecture from one of our visiting experts, or join a mushroom identification hike - we'll have those too...you'll just need to buy a ticket! WE'LL BE ADDING WORKSHOPS AND SPEAKERS THROUGHOUT THE BEGINNING OF 2020, so bookmark this site and check back often!

Mushroom Identification Hikes

Jon Sommer leading an ID hike in 2019

Join local & regional experts. 

Multiple mushroom ID hikes will be scheduled each day.  

Hikes are usually limited to 12-15 people per hike.

Ticket prices vary and will be available AT THE FESTIVAL ONLY (not in advance). 

Workshops and Presentations

2019 mushroom growing workshop

Workshops Will Likely Include: Hands-on Mushroom Growing - Cooking/Tasting Demos - Mushroom ID Talks -  Expert Speakers and MORE! 

Workshop Seating will be LIMITED, but tickets will be available in advance.

Contact Us

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Wild Rivers Mushroom Festival

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